Elimina virus, mohos,
bacterias y suciedad.


Acaba con los malos olores
desde la raíz.


Higienización total
a máxima velocidad.


Ozone in depth

Our Woodman cabinets control the ozone emission and the disinfection by dezonization by means of specific sensors. The cabinet is sealed with a security locking system that guarantees the elimination of bacteria and viruses in a quick and easy way.

The sensors indicate when the booth is ready to be used again by the customer, after a total disinfection of any kind of garment or textile. With the cleaning by means of ozone, the total reach to any corner and bend of the area to be disinfected is guaranteed. A total sanitization without odours or stains.

Captures the polluted air

The third molecule of oxygen easily attaches to contamination, especially bacteria, germs, fungi and viruses. By adhering, it oxidizes and destabilizes them.

Destroys the cell wall

The ability to adhere to other molecules gives ozone the ability to completely destroy its cell wall, so that it cleans and deodorizes indoor areas quickly.

Produces clean air

After the bacteria are destroyed and the viruses are neutralized Only oxygen remains in the environment, leaving your rooms disinfected and sanitized.

Nuestros productos

Un producto para cada necesidad


Woodman M

Tamaño compacto

Desinfección total con diseño compacto. Tamaño compacto para la desinfección textil.


Woodman L

Tamaño medio

Elimina todo tipo de virus y bacterias. Tamaño medio para desinfección textil.


Woodman XL

Gran formato

Higienización máxima de gran potencia. Guardarropa desinfectante de gran tamaño.

Surface sanitization

Where can you use Woodman?


Homes and residences

Spas and gyms

Stores and shopping centres

Woodman M

Woodman L

Woodman XL

Salida de ozono 10g/h 10g/h 10g/h
Potencia de consumo 120w 120w 120w
Voltaje AC 220 V ±10% 50 Hz AC 220 V ±10% 50 Hz AC 220 V ±10% 50 Hz
Medidas 392 x 642 x 1593 mm 642 x 642 x 1590 mm 642 x 1242 x 1591 mm
Caudal 2250 l/min 2250 l/min 2250 l/min
Efecto corona
Acabados 6 colores 6 colores 6 colores

Destroys any type of virus and bacteria

"Health comes first. Our UV-c and Ozone Generating Machines and were designed to protect your health and that of the occupants of your rooms. It effectively and naturally sanitizes the air and surfaces through an innovative system of state-of-the-art technology, so that breathing clean air comes first".

"Ozone is the most powerful disinfectant against all types of microorganisms, bacteria, fungi and viruses. The WHO recognizes that the disinfecting power of ozone is 99%".

"UV-C radiation damages the virus' nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) by preventing the replication of the virus and causing its inactivation. It applies to all types of viruses, bacteria and fungi".

"Ozone can inactivate 99.999% of viruses and, in particular, the new coronavirus can be inactivated under normal conditions of disinfection with ozone".


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